This is a Friendly Reminder

If you signed up to attend the Valentines breakfast with your student on Tuesday, February 14, please be there by 9:00am so your child can:
  • Have breakfast with you
  • Give you the card they made for you
  • Get your help passing out valentines to their friends
It will be a busy morning with lots to do! Several parents have shared they wanted to help with the breakfast foods so a sign up sheet has been placed on the white board at the front door. This should give you time this weekend to get both food and cards.
Valentines Day Cards: Please do NOT put the names of the friends the cards are going TO this year. Encourage your child to put their name on the card saying who it is FROM instead. It is very hard for the children to find the specific child it is to and it is very time consuming.Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
Bright Star Kid Care Staff

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