We use Creative Curriculum with our two year olds. Like the one year old classroom, they focus on routines and learning through sensory experiences. They begin to put words together making two to three word sentences. Our two year olds play with toys and imitate and pretend in centers. They enjoy stories and book, connect with music and movement, create art, taste food, and enjoy playtime outside. This is a transition period for children from toddler to “big kid” so the two year olds spend a lot of time practicing their routines: when it’s time to sit and when it’s time to run and play. They hone their listening and following instructions skills and they start to form friendships. They become more independent, eating with utensils, and start potty training. They put up their blankets and pillows after nap, in their own cubbies , and work on putting on their coats and shoes. Sharing is a lesson all of its own!